Roadmap for AI in Healthcare for Australia
TEHAI – A guide for implementing AI in healthcare
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The Australian Alliance for Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare brings together almost 100 national and international partners and stakeholders in academia, government, consumer, clinical, industry organisations, and peak bodies to translate frontier artificial intelligence (AI) technologies into real-world health services. Working together we are supporting and accelerating the adoption of AI-enabled healthcare in Australia. Alliance members operate across four strategic areas: 1. Precision Healthcare. 2. Consumer Health. 3. Safety, Quality and Ethics. 4. Workforce.

AI Alliance Flagships and Programs

Precision Healthcare Flagship

Researching and translating AI technologies into clinical services so that patients receive the most personalised, safe, effective and timely care possible.

Consumer Health Flagship

Helping all Australians navigate complex health systems and be active participants in the management of their own care and wellbeing.

Safety, Quality and Ethics Program

Ensuring that those accessing the health system receive safe and ethical care from AI-enabled services.

Workforce Program

Developing the research, clinical and health services workforce needed to make translational AI programs succeed.