We’ve put together some information on our website to get you started so you can find out what’s happening in Australia and overseas. An AI revolution is unfolding globally and it is impacting everything from diagnostic interpretation of medical imaging to personalised therapeutics.


Precision Healthcare

Among the myriad of challenges facing healthcare, the growing burden of chronic illness, as well as over treatment and diagnostic error are responsible for a substantial proportion of unnecessary patient harm and resource waste. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can make significant contributions to solving these challenges by creating new models of personalised care that are safer and more effective.


Consumer Health

Imagine a time when Australians have access to their own personally adapted AI health guide to assist in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, navigating their interactions with the healthcare system, and supporting critical medical decisions. Sound futuristic? Maybe it’s closer than you think.


Safety, Quality and Ethics

The benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) will not be realised unless it can be safely, effectively and ethically integrated into clinical and consumer practice. Our research programs will result in internationally significant advances in the safety, quality and ethical use of AI in healthcare.


Enabling the Workforce

Research, clinical and health service workforces will need to become “AI-enabled” to transform the healthcare sector. Recognition of the urgent need to expand the Artificial Intelligence (AI) workforce is widespread across the international community. The AI strategies of OECD countries concentrate on talent development, recruitment, and retention to support their ambitions in AI research and industry transformation. In Australia the issue of workforce training in AI has only recently begun to be addressed.


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