On 21 August we had 100 of our members enthusiastically participate at our second national one-day workshop held in Sydney. Professor Enrico Coiera from Macquarie University opened the workshop outlining where we’ve come from, what’s happening overseas and in Australia and why we need the collaborative efforts of the Alliance members to drive transformation of the healthcare system through the adoption of AI-enabled services.

“We are not designing algorithms. We are designing human-machine systems” Coiera said.

After reminding the group of the Alliance goals, the group heard from each of the Program Leaders, after which the group split into individual Working Groups for more detailed discussions. After identifying the high-level Program issues, the group reconvened into States to discuss local level issues and opportunities along with a separate Industry Advisory Group discussion before wrapping up with future plans.

Left to Right: Prof John Slavotinek, A/Prof Farah Magrabi, Prof Wendy Rogers
Middle: Prof Enrico Coiera
Bottom left: Prof Lyle Palmer, Mr David Bunker
Bottom right: Prof Elina Hypponen, Dr Michael Costello

With experts in AI in healthcare, clinical care, government, industry, academia, peak bodies and representatives from consumer groups across Australia, the discussion was lively and very engaging with members excited to be part of the ongoing journey.

Going forward we plan to hold Program Workshops and State Workshops in the coming months. If you’d like to be involved, contact either the relevant Program or State Leader or enrico.coiera@mq.edu.au directly. And you can also sign up for our Newsletter to keep in touch.