From keynote speakers to workshop leaders, moderators and session leaders, 20 AAAiH members played key roles at the recent AIMed2019 Conference held in Sydney, 12-13 Nov 2019. The agenda was packed with learning opportunities through its workshops, panels and sessions. It featured user case studies and clinicians who are using AI today to benefit patient safety and improve clinician efficiency. It also focussed on how Australia can address its health data barriers.

Dr Anthony Chang, Cardiologist, CIO of CHOCS Children Hospital hosted this event as part of his global movement to propel AI adoption. Planning is already underway for AIMed Australia 2020. Register your interest now.

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Our speakers, leaders and moderators at AIMed 2019:

  1. Professor Enrico Coiera, Director Centre for Health Informatics, Director NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence in Digital Health Australian Institute of Health Innovation Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
  2. Professor Karin Verspoor, Biomedical/Health Informatics, The University of Melbourne
  3. Professor Paul Glasziou, Director, Institute of Evidence-Based Healthcare, Bond University, Gold Coast
  4. Professor Wendy Rogers, Professor of Clinical Ethics, Macquarie University
  5. Associate Professor Blanca Gallego Luxan Centre for Big Data Research in Health
  6. Associate Professor Clair Sullivan, Chief Digital Health Officer Metro North Hospital and Health Service, Associate Professor of Medicine University of Queensland
  7. Associate Professor Farah Magrabi, Australian Institute of Health Innovation, Macquarie University (Ethics and Safety)
  8. Associate Professor Kathleen Gray, Health Informatics, The University of Melbourne
  9. Associate Professor Paul Cooper, Health Informatics, Deakin University
  10. Associated Professor Sandeep Reddy, Director, MBA (Healthcare Management) Deakin University
  11. Dr Amith Shetty, Emergency Physician Westmead Medical Research Unit
  12. Dr Denis Bauer, Head of cloud computing Bioinformatics, CSIRO
  13. Dr Johan Verjans Cardiologist, Royal Adelaide Hospital Platform Leader AI, South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute Deputy Director, Medical Machine Learning, Australian Institute for Machine Learning
  14. Dr Luke Oakden-Rayner, Director of Research, Medical Imaging, Royal Adelaide Hospital Researcher, Australian Institute for Machine Learning
  15. Dr Meredith Makeham, Chief Medical Adviser (Australian Digital Health Agency)
  16. Dr Michael Costello, GM, Australian Digital Health Agency
  17. Dr Olivier Salvado, Head of Imaging and Computer Vision, CSIRO|Data61
  18. Dr Zoran Bolevich Chief Executive eHealth, NSW
  19. Mr David Bunker Executive Director, CEO and Board Member, Queensland Genomics Health Alliance
  20. Mr Dimitry Tran, Co-founder, Harrison.Ai