Australia-based healthcare artificial intelligence (AI) company,, founded by brothers Dr. Aengus Tran and Dimitry Tran, is the latest member to join AAAiH. brings a powerful team of AI-healthcare innovators to the Alliance with its expertise in developing and deploying AI-as-medical device solutions to address persistent healthcare challenges. One of the company’s early successes is in the field of fertility. Together with its partner, Virtus Health Limited (the world’s largest IVF provider), successfully developed, validated and deployed an AI technology (‘Ivy’) capable of predicting the likelihood of pregnancy from analysing embryo videos.

Ivy is a patent-pending technology that has increased the clinical pregnancy success rate in IVF-treatment by over 30% (the success rate of an average embryologist selecting a successful embryo is around 65% whereas the discriminative power of’s Ivy is 93%). The technology is currently being deployed across Virtus clinics in Australia to help improve pregnancy outcomes for couples undergoing IVF treatment. Building on this success, is growing into new healthcare domains where AI can improve patient outcomes globally, such as radiology.

“We’re delighted to have as a member of Alliance, and in particular Dr John F. Lambert, their Chief Medical Officer, who has accepted the role of Co-Chair of our Industry Advisory Group (IAG)” said Professor Enrico Coiera, AAAiH Lead.

Prior to joining, John was the Inaugural Chief Clinical Information Officer of NSW Health and is an experienced Intensive Care Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital and healthcare industry from community practice to NSW government and international corporations. John is also an experienced electronics hardware designer and software developer, with substantial experience in digital health.

“To be invited to co-chair the IAG was both a surprise and an honour. I am excited to be able to bring the perspectives of a successful young company like to the IAG, coupled with my prior digital health experience, whilst learning a tremendous amount through collaboration with the world recognised leaders in AI involved in the group”, said Dr. John F. Lambert.

John joins healthcare Innovator Peter Williams from Oracle as Co-Chair of the AAAiH Industry Advisory Group which assists the Alliance to provide unique industry insights to shape the development and integration of AI into the Australian healthcare system. has also recently announced completion of its first capital raise of AUD$29million which is one of the most significant AI fundraises in Australia. Simultaneously, announced its partnership with I-MED Radiology Network, Australia’s largest diagnostic imaging network, to pave the way for AI to improve the delivery of imaging services to patients and health practitioners.