Left to right: Dr Dana Rezazadegan, Dr Juan Quiroz, Dr Liliana Laranjo, Professor Enrico Coiera, Dr Baki Kocaballi

Is a digital scribe coming to your Doctor’s office anytime soon?

In a recent article on ‘The Digital Scribe’ published in npj Digital Medicine we looked at the role of a digital scribe in the doctor-patient consultation process and what that may entail. AAAiH researchers Coiera, Kocaballi, Laranjo, Quiroz and Rezazadegan from Macquarie University are developing a prototype artificial intelligence (Digital Scribe) to free up your GP to focus on you; a rarity in times of short consultations and busy waiting rooms. Using speech recognition, natural language processing and artificial intelligence, Digital Scribe will automatically generate the doctor’s notes, recording them in your electronic health record, improving the productivity of your GP and improving the quality and care they can deliver to you.

It’s still early days in the development and testing and more quality data is required along with global collaboration to develop and refine the tool. Digital Scribe will work alongside your GP to improve the doctor-patient experience as well as reduce doctor burnout from increased workloads and the increasing burden of clinical documentation.

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