AUSTRALIA risks being “left behind” as an innovator in artificial intelligence (AI) in health care, says a leading expert who is calling for greater investment and regulatory rigour in the field.

“We are not seeing commensurate investment here in Australia, and many in the field feel we are rapidly being left behind, to become adopters rather than innovators in AI,” Professor Coiera said.

“If that happens, it would be a pity given the excellence of our Australian clinicians, scientists and engineers, the huge commercial opportunities this new industry offers us.

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Professor Coiera recently co-authored an article published in MJA – Can AI help in the fight against COVID-19? The article demonstrated the different roles AI has in healthcare responses to COVID-19 from mapping the spread, forecasting the effects of different public health strategies, tracing contacts, facilitating earlier diagnosis and much more.

Alliance members are working on a range of projects including developing a White Paper on AI safety and ethics, undertaking a national Workforce Survey and is developing a National COVID-19 Research Platform.

Photo by: Alex Knight on Unsplash