A training gap is emerging in Australia that impacts the ability of IT staff to understand and appropriately use artificial intelligence (AI) technology for decision making support in healthcare, according to Professor Enrico Coiera in the latest Deloitte Access Economics Report “Australia’s digital pulse.”

With the demand for digital technology staff growing in Australia and an increase in the adoption of AI technologies by healthcare enterprises, skills are a major constraint in implementing AI into practice, Professor Coiera warns.

In the Report, Professor Coiera, who leads the Australian Alliance for Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare, says that

“medical practitioners require precertification training to be ready to be safe and effective users of AI in routine care, as well as ongoing upskilling and retraining to keep pace with innovations.”

A training gap also occurs when research scientists and developers do not understand how the AI technology will be used in the clinical setting and are unable to customize it to ensure patients are safely cared for, according to Professor Coiera.

The full report is available here.

Enrico Coiera is foundation Professor of Health Informatics at Macquarie University and leads the Centre for Health Informatics at the Australian Institute of Health Innovation. Professor Coiera has established the Australian Alliance for Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare (AAAiH) with more than 90 members worldwide from industry, technology and research.