ERHIC – Emerging Researchers in Health InformatiCs Symposium

The 2022 Emerging Researchers in Health Informatics Symposium (ERHIC) was organised by the new Research Network of the Australasian Institute of Digital Health (AIDH).

The event invited abstract submissions from PhD students and early-career researchers to the inaugural Symposium, a new event offering a unique opportunity for early-stage and emerging digital health and health informatics researchers in Australia to present their work, garner informed feedback, and network with senior researchers.

It was sponsored by the AIDH, steering organisations of the AIDH Research Translation Expert Advisory Group, the Digital Health CRC, and the Digital Health Informatics Network (DHIN). The event was hosted by Macquarie University and University of Melbourne ran the scientific program. There were 45 in-person attendees from Macquarie University, University of Melbourne, University of Queensland, Swinburne University, Monash University, CSIRO, and the Australian National University.

Kenisha Ward, Macquarie University won the best paper award, and Jodie Austin, University of Melbourne won the people’s choice award.

Centre for Health Informatics 21st Anniversary Symposium
The reinvention of healthcare – two decades of digital transformation

On Monday 11 July, the Centre for Health Informatics celebrated 21 years of ground-breaking research and industry-changing success with a full day of stimulating presentations, discussions, and networking. The Symposium also took the opportunity to look to the future with ambitious and sometimes challenging ideas.      

The 21st Anniversary Symposium opened with Macquarie University’s Vice-Chancellor Professor Bruce Dowton, followed by Professor Michael Kidd who presented the Keynote address. Professor Farah Magrabi was the Master of Ceremonies for the day.

The Centre for Health Informatics is Australia’s largest and longest-running academic research group in digital health, enjoying a prestigious international reputation. Over the past 21 years, it has established the Australian Alliance for AI in Healthcare, guided the development of Australia’s first Roadmap for AI in Healthcare, led the National Health and Medical Research Council Centre of Research Excellence in Digital Health, and created Australia’s first Fellowship Training Program for health informaticians.      

The day proved to be an exciting day of celebration and vision.  There were 94 registered participants on the day with a further a further 54 registered online and 37 requesting a recording of the event.

Please visit to access the recordings from the day.

The full recording will be also be available on the AIHI YouTube account in the future:

AI in Healthcare – Towards Transparent & Explainable AI in Healthcare – International Workshop

During this workshop, an international team led by Macquarie University researchers will present the results of a pilot project Towards Transparent and Explainable AI in Healthcare, which focuses on the need for AI transparency and explainability by clinicians and patients.

Stakeholder and academic panels will further discuss AI transparency and explainability needs by lawyers and regulatory authorities, what measures could be taken to ensure them, and what further research is needed in the field to help achieve the expected and requisite levels of AI transparency and explainability.

Thursday 1 September 2022 – 1:00pm – 5:00pm

New papers

Tasks as needs: reframing the paradigm of clinical natural language processing research for real-world decision support, Asher Lederman, Reeva Lederman, Karin Verspoor. Journal of American Medical Informatics Association, ocac121:

“Note Bloat” impacts deep learning-based NLP models for clinical prediction tasks, Jinghui Liu, Daniel Capurro, Anthony Nguyen, Karin Verspoor. Journal of Biomedical Informatics, 2022, 104149, ISSN 1532-464:

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