National COVID-19 Research Support


The Australian Alliance for AI in Healthcare (AAAiH) is working on a number of projects to support the global and national COVID-19 response. The project outcomes will assist decision making by clinicians, researchers, public health officials, industry, NGOs and government and connect skilled researchers with COVID-19 specific projects as well as other healthcare projects. Subscribe to the Newsletter to follow our progress.

Translational Evaluation of Healthcare Artificial Intelligence (TEHAI). TEHAI is an evaluation framework which has been developed to assess the functional, utility and ethical aspects of AI systems and was reviewed by an eight-member international expert panel from the UK, USA and New Zealand prior to finalisation. TEHAI can be applied to the evaluation of clinical AI in research settings and more broadly to guide evaluation of working clinical systems. It can also be applied at any stage of the development and deployment of the AI system. It is currently being applied to COVID-related studies. Read the paper for more information.

AAAiH Member Register

Register or find Alliance Members including researchers, clinicians, public health officials, industry specialists, peak bodies and consumer groups interested and available to work on Australian AI healthcare research projects. Members can list their skills, projects and technology. Access the Register.