Consumer Health Flagship

Helping all Australians navigate complex health systems and be active participants in the management of their own care and wellbeing.

Engaging with the modern health system is often challenging, inefficient, and frustrating for consumers. AI-driven services can potentially be transformational: simplifying interactions with complex systems, anticipating needs, and delivering personalised, highly targeted health information.

The Consumer Health Flagship focuses on the use of AI in consumer-led healthcare, supporting projects that assist consumers:

  • in making decisions about access to clinical services or self-care
  • accessing their own personally adapted health information to assist in maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • to effectively navigate their interactions with the healthcare system
  • to contribute their own experience to critical medical decisions
  • to sustain health and wellbeing as they age

Our engagement with consumers in these projects will ensure AI services best address community needs: maximising adoption and translation and optimising the use of health and social care resources.

The AI Alliance will set the standard for the use of AI in supporting Australians to manage their healthcare and influence national digital health infrastructure.

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