Precision Healthcare Flagship

Researching and translating AI technologies into clinical services so that patients receive the most personalised, safe, effective and timely care possible.

Artificial Intelligence allows us to imagine new and improved ways of delivering care. It has the capacity to make significant contributions to solving modern healthcare challenges including the growing burden of chronic illness, over treatment and diagnostic error, resulting in potential patient harm and resource waste.

The Precision Healthcare Flagship addresses the challenges of improving clinical diagnosis, treatment and workflows, using machine learning to exploit patterns in large-scale clinical data-sets and advanced computational reasoning methods that support human decision-making.

The Precision Healthcare Flagship focuses on the use of cutting-edge AI technologies that will:

  • demonstrate the substantial benefits of the application of AI to clinical challenges, enhancing safety, quality, access or efficiency of care.
  • result in translatable AI-enabled systems that generate actionable advice that can be integrated into the workflow of existing or new clinical services.
  • employ machine learning or knowledge acquisition technologies to develop models of care
  • use AI to support planning, reasoning, discovery or conversational agents to interact with humans.
  • provide actionable feedback to permit continuous improvement to both the underlying AI as well as the service.

This Flagship supports AI projects that have a clinical, population or health service focus, if there is a clear pathway from making decisions that reflect population characteristics to decisions that can be personalised to the specific circumstances of individuals.

In addition to the creation of effective new AI enhanced clinical services, the AI Alliance will support commercial outcomes, working with the Alliance’s industry partners in the creation of new products, companies and industrial partnerships.

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