Workforce Program

Developing the research, clinical and health services workforce needed to make transformational AI programs succeed.

Successful integration of AI in healthcare calls for a workforce capable of translating technology into effective read-world practice. There is widespread international recognition of the urgent need to expand the AI workforce. In Australia this will require a significant change to, and investment in, the training we provide to the health sector workforce.

The AI Alliance’s Workforce Program brings together leading professional, educational, industry and academic organisations across the nation to develop a coordinated approach to meet the AI challenge. With a focus on leveraging existing and well-established training pathways, the Alliance will focus on three key communities that need to be AI-enabled for healthcare:

  • Researchers need to understand how to use machine learning tools and understand all the risks, biases and challenges in implementation that may arise.
  • Health Service Leaders need to understand the clinical and organisational risks and benefits of AI, the challenges of implementation including its impact on clinical workflows and be comfortable using AI to manage health services.
  • Clinicians need to be trained to recognise the strengths and limitations of technology, to avoid overreliance on automated decision support, and to remain vigilant for technology-related risks to patients.

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